Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is an important link between the parents, the teachers and the school management. Our goal is to work together to support and improve the education and development of the children. The PTA is made up of parental representatives from each year group, who are voted in by the other parents at the beginning of each school year. A chairperson and deputy are then elected within the PTA.

The PTA exercises the parents' right of participation in the school.

Current committee members for the school year 2019/2020:

Chair: Mr. Frank Köllisch

Vice Chair: Ms. Bianca King

Year 1: Ms. Viktoria Schell

Year 2: Mr. Frank Köllisch / Ms. Anke Mader

Year 3: Ms. Bianca King / Ms. Mirjam Muffler

Year 4: Ms. Kristin Schäkel / Ms. Maike Trommsdorff