What we do

Here is a list of some of the activites we have helped to support, whether financially or organisationally:

  • Contribution to help fund the school choir.
  • Organisation of the yearly school choir concert.
  • Organisation of the children's clothes sale.
  • Help funding the playground climbing frame.
  • Contributions towards cultural events such as theatre visits and readings from authors.
  • Organisation and funding of educational outings and events for the children, including children's guided tour of Radolfzell, "Tracking in the snow" an educaitonal trip to the woods, a trip to a local beekeeper, a walk with goats, a reading evening in Stahringen and many more!
  • Contributions towards funding of materials for the school and our Kid's Club.
  • Selling Christmas biscuits at the town market.
  • Funding and carrying out the replanting of our school flower beds and refurbishment of the school playground.