Our educationally trained carers

Before and after school care

The before and after school club is run by our dedicated, educationally trained carers; Mrs Corina Tympel and Mrs Sabrina Dargies. It is supported by the town of Radolfzell.

Opening hours (as of Sep. 2019):

  • Monday: 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday: 7am-4pm
  • Wednesday: 7am-4pm
  • Thursday: 7am-4pm
  • Friday: 7am-2pm

During this time, they can take part in the many creative activities on offer or play independently in a relaxed atmosphere. Supervised homework time is also offered.

A warm lunch is provided daily by the catering service Maier from Stockach, at a price of €3.80 per meal. The children can choose from two menus.

Should you have any questions, or would you like to visit our after school club, please contact Mrs Tympel during opening hours.

Phone number: 07738- 9391971