"Once upon a time"

"Once upon a time...", a production by TourneeOper e.V., visited the pupils at Stahringen Primary School and once again enchanted all the children.

As with all TourneeOper e.V. productions, the focus of "Once upon a time..." is on the theatrical educational approach: to inspire children of primary school age with opera arias sung and performed live and a playful, gripping plot for classical music and singing. Right at the beginning of the play, visitors are encouraged to sing along with a specially composed title song.

Professor Zacharias Zauberkobel is an eccentric inventor who, among many other things, has also invented the fairytale exploration magic book. Sitting in front of it, he can read and watch his favorite fairy tales just like in a real movie.

But one evening, something surprising happens. One of the fairy tale characters from his book takes off on its own and lands in the middle of the professor's living room. And that's not all: it's his favorite character, Puss in Boots, who turns out to be a very charming cat and tells him a hair-raising story. Fairyland is in danger because the evil witch Davina Diavolo has managed to repair the Snow Queen's broken mirror and is now on her way to twist all fairy tales into their opposite. This must be prevented at all costs! Only Professor Zauberkobel can save fairyland.